A unique packaging brand dedicated only to paper & cardboard upcycling
upcycling is
a way to turn "old things" into something new without breaking the product down
While recycling is practical, upcycling is highly creative & can involve a variety of techniques, providing a new finished product with a higher user value than it had in its previous life

it is time for a reset

We recognize our environmental impact goes way beyond the work we put as individuals and business entrepreneurs
Like many other industries, packaging and offset printing decisively moved away from virgin raw materials to mixed / recycled ones whenever possible. A great collective effort led Europe to collect up to 75% of its paper waste and recycle it through different channels.

Why should you upcycle ?


  • RECYCLED 43.500 Lt/Ton
  • UPCYCLED (max) 1.000 Lt/Ton


  • RECYCLED 1700 KG
  • UPCYCLED (max) 75 KG


  • RECYCLED 5500 kw/H
  • UPCYCLED (max) 250 kw/H
Above figures show the production output data of 1 ton of recycled paper vs upcycled paper. For references and detailed statistics please download the documents. Cardboard Fact Sheet --- Paper Sorting Water - CO2 - Energy Use
Each project is a modest, yet critical step towards a greener planet. Contact Us
  • Fritz Kola
    Germany, Christmas Card
  • Yukon Bags
    USA - Shipping Box
how we upcycle
At PAPERS UPCYCLED we carefully sort and select industrial offset printing waste and create a portfolio of environmentally friendly solutions that span from cosmetic boxes, shopping bags and product displays to online sales shipping boxes, drinks holders and advents calendars.
The final upcycled product would have the same aspect, durability and quality of a "traditional printing" process but with a twist: with minimal resources (water, electricity, chemicals, etc..) will have been put into play to regenerate and recycle our paper.
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Step by step process of paper upcycling

Any item made of virgin or recycled cardboard can be potentially designed and built with upcycled paper technology
the limit is your imagination
Depending on the type of packaging required (construction / structure / usage), the team at PAPERS UPCYCLED can provide ideas to embed upcycling into your design and production of each item
With our headquarter based in Hamburg, Germany, we operate in several locations across Europe.
Years of experience
about us
The idea of introducing upcycling to the packaging industry first came out during a brainstorming session in 2019, when our team members “acknowledged” the significant room for improvements towards sustainability.
Contrary to the linear "take, make, dispose" way of living, Papers Upcycled believes in the circular principle of creating wealth from waste. Every day we challenge the conventional modus operandi of the “paper world” with the goal to innovate beyond the constraints of traditional production standards and give our small contribution to a better and more sustainable future.
Papers Upcycled is a private brand owned by Microcarton Packaging GmbH, a company founded in 2018 by a group of friends with more than 20 years of experience in the paper, packaging and retail marketing business and cultural roots spread between Germany, Scotland, Turkey and Italy.
Our team believes in embracing sustainability at every level of our company, from the technicalities of production to the ethical treatment of our employees.
We challenge conventional paper production every day in order to innovate beyond the constraints of traditional production to ensure a sustainable future.
Actively providing solutions & services all over the Europe & the USA.
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